2017 Dental Marketing Year in Review

2017 dental marketing ideas

2017 Dental Marketing Year in Review

To help the production and profitability of your dental practice, DentalHi5 conducted a nation-wide survey with hundreds of patients in 2017. We analyzed the changes and trends in dental marketing by asking 25 questions in our survey process. The survey shows an upward trend from the year 2016, depicting 63% of patients seeking dental care approach online for dental treatment. This also indicates that you may still miss 30% of new patients if online marketing is the only investment. When analyzed, there are more than 50 marketing tactics which can be deployed, whereas only a few are under practice. A right combination of such marketing practices would reap higher production and profits.

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In the year 2016, the percentage of Dental patients who preferred referrals have dropped to 37% from 67%. This shows the significance of social media involved in patient’s decision-making for choosing a dentist. One of the recent surveys shows that 88% of people go by online reviews more than any personal reviews. When it comes to health, patients are more cautious in making the right decision for their treatment.

Especially when it comes to their family members or friends, they take an extra step to scrutinize details from all the available sources. Hence, it is necessary to focus on all the marketing tactics, which will cover all the potential new patients. By following varied marketing strategies, you leverage your credibility and also build trust, which strengthens your relationship with your patients even before they contact you.

2017 dental marketing trends

From the 2016’s survey, we see that the E-mail reminders holds a steady place among other methods. This shows us that people are willing to refer new patients or even write a review about your treatment. But generally, patients get busy with their mundane life and often forget to refer or review. A monthly reminder to your patients which has a link connecting the review form will help you get new patients.

We can, in turn, acknowledge their reviews with some rewards or offers which will make them feel good. You can also post the same on social media, which will attract more prospective patients.

While the above, the major marketing trends in dental marketing, we feel that every practice is unique and has its own way to lead. It is always recommended to make the best of all the possibilities for best results.

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