Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads For Dentists


Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads For Dentists

As a dental practitioner, you might want to increase your clinic’s visibility in the community. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two digital marketing options that could serve you in gaining your patients’ attention.

Below, you will see the scope and limitations of using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and how each option could aid you to acquire new patients for your practice.

How do they work?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have common features and work on the PPC (“pay per click”) model. This means that you pay for the advertising only when an internet user clicks on your ads.

Google AdWords is based on two fundamental aspects- aptness of keywords listed for the search and the competency of bidding amount. If a person searches for the exact keyword you had given, the chances that your ad would be displayed are higher. If a fellow practitioner has listed the exact keywords you have, your practice gets displayed if you have bid higher money (for the PPC). Therefore, Google AdWords allows you to reach out to your patients based on their “active choices and preferences”.

Facebook Ads works on “interruption marketing”. A person belonging to a preferred demographic spectrum (say, an age group in a locale) might be displayed a Facebook Ad when he/she might be on a routine visit to one’s own account. You can choose the duration and budget for these services.

How do you choose?

You can strategize, based on the awareness of your needs and these options’ potentials.

If you want to target patients actively looking for dentists, Google Adwords is the better option. Also, analytics provide you performance of every keyword you bid on and thus control your advertising strategy.

If you seek to reach out via social networking portal, Facebook Ads is your choice. Being the lesser expensive of the two options, it enables you to display a sustained presence with visually augmented features.

Bottom line- every market scenario could have its own dynamics. A little experimentation would enable you to arrive at a “feel” of which options (or combinations thereof) are most suited to you.
Should you do it yourself or seek professional help for availing such digital marketing options?

Several dentists who go for the “do-it-yourself” option with Google AdWords turn up being disappointed with the results. Effective Facebook Ads could use some professional help too. On the other hand, recruiting specialists for services could have potential financial burden.

Therefore, an optimally managed digital marketing campaign would have to incorporate multiple non-pay and PPC elements to cater to your needs. To build a flourishing dental practice, well-chosen PPC providers can help you. It would serve you better to opt for PPC providers specializing in dental marketing field. Such an ideal PPC provider would inform you of the options available, sync them and demonstrate capabilities for ensuring a return of investment (ROI).

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