Is Your Dental Practice Actually Ready For Online Marketing?

online marketing for dental practice

Is Your Dental Practice Actually Ready For Online Marketing?

In today’s digital era, patients rely heavily on the internet (especially Google) and social media (especially Facebook) to find a suitable dentist. In olden days, before the advent of the internet, people would simply look up the Yellow Pages and try to guess which of the dental ads appeared more impressive than the others to choose a suitable dentist. Some people would simply choose a dentist recommended by their health insurance plan who is located in close vicinity.

online marketing for dental practice

Internet has inarguably created a level playing field for all and created democratization of information. A dentist must have an online presence to have an edge over the competition and reach the maximum number of people. Make sure to allocate sufficient funds for marketing your dental practice.

When it comes to the marketing budget, online marketing makes up most of the marketing budget for dentists who want to have their online presence felt across the web. Hence, you need to know exactly how much to spend on marketing.

If you are new to marketing, then it can be confusing and overwhelming to know if you’re heading in the right direction with your marketing strategy. Often, dentists would hire a reputable marketing service provider to take care of their marketing works and to avoid ending up spending excessively on marketing.

Before hiring some marketing specialists, you need to have a closer look at your dental marketing strategy to determine whether your dental practice is ready to engage effectively with potential patients at every digital touch point in the patient experience lifecycle. Have you realigned your marketing budget to focus on the website redesign, mobile compatibility, SEO, and content building for your dental website? It is crucial for you to first ensure your dental practice is actually marketable.

In terms of the readiness of your dental practice, you need to make sure your dental practice has the following:

  • Exceptional New Patient experience
  • Professional front office staff to handle patients
  • Your Dental practice’s strong reputation

If your dental practice lacks any one of those above-mentioned considerations, you must work on it immediately. Let’s say, for instance, you have implemented the best online marketing strategy in the world using a reputable marketing service provider. Yet, if many of the potential new patients who are calling your dental office to schedule an appointment are ending up unable to get through or put on hold for long period of time, they are most likely to choose to go to other dental offices.

In order to avoid such circumstances, get help from an expert like ours to get abroad view of your office needs like what is lacking the most and other suggestions for growth as needed. Your dental practice can continue to reap the benefits of online marketing year after year, as long as your dental marketing strategy remains active on a sustainable basis.

Patient satisfaction and loyalty, greater engagement, and strong brand value are some of the key factors that will let you stay ahead of the curve in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

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