Why Dental Websites Need an SSL Certificate in 2018?

ssl for dental website

Why Dental Websites Need an SSL Certificate in 2018?

SSL certification has become quite a popular term these days. If you own a website, you should probably be aware of it now. SSL certificates serve as a backbone for a website security. If your dental practice has an online presence, then SSL certificate is something vital, which you should look upon. SSL certificates help browser with a secure connection that will enable secured information transfer. The URL structure of a website will itself convey, whether the website is SSL secured.

ssl for dental website

If the URL starts with “https”, it means the website is secured. Some of the benefits of SSL certificate are listed below

  1. Stops Information Theft
  2. When your patients submit an information on a website, it goes through numerous computers before it reaches you. So there are chances of information getting stolen if SSL certificate is not applied. SSL protects the information by encrypting it so that it is readable only by the intended party. Random characters are added to the submitted information so that it can be accessed only with an encryption key. Without the key, the information becomes useless to anyone.

  3. Makes Your Visitors Feel Secure
  4. With a rise in identity theft, information security has become more important now. SSL enables you to keep your patient’s information safe and this gives confidence to patients visiting your site.

  5. Need for SSL for Online Payments
  6. If you accept payments online, SSL becomes a vital requirement for your website. Installing SSL certificate enables you to accept card payment via the website.

  7. SSL is Mandatory
  8. In order to make browsing safer in 2018, websites that have SSL certificates have additional benefits in ranking in the Google. It is significant to note that this change will definitely affect all the websites that have no SSL certification. When a website without SSL certification is accessed, there will be a ‘Not Secure’ message that will be displayed. This will make your patients leave your website right away.

    If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website, then it is time for you to get it done immediately. Make your Dental website more secured for your patients.

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