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Call Tracking for Dental Practice

At DentalHi5, we understand that our client's engagement is important and hence we facilitate them with call tracking program which depicts them the right campaigns that works for them and the ones that does not. Our system tracks every call of your patients and also determines the advertising medium which the patients used to reach your dental office.

Call Tracking For Dentist

They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process

"We really enjoy working with SocialHi5. They have helped us a reach a lot more people on Facebook and Social media. I am very thankful and I also really appreciate the fact that they have always taken our feedback very well. They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process and also that makes us feel more comfortable with the marketing as well. Thank you SocialHi5!

Dr. Ruchi Sahota

Understand the Marketing Trend

And the best part is, you don't have use a new phone to use our Call tracking system. A unique phone number will be assigned to each fish travel - cudjoe key fishing charters, so that the software tracks the number and gives you the data. The data is analyzed and points out the best suitable advertising medium which has led to highest incoming calls and potential leads. This also helps you eliminate the campaign that did not work well for you.

With our call tracking system, you can gain the following advantages for your dental practice:

  • You can understand the marketing trends and use the same for enhancing your marketing strategies.
  • You don't have to do a guesswork about your website's effectiveness.
  • You can know which marketing plan gave you the best ROI.
  • You can do a comparison study between various platforms and campaigns.
Call Tracking For Dentist

The features of our call tracking systems includes:

These features help to enhance your staff's performance in handling calls, so that you attract more new patients. Call tracking is the best facility for dental practices to achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Location of your callers will be displayed.
  • Record the calls for future reference.
  • E-mail notifications for calls that you have missed.

List of calls we can Track

A perfect blend of old patients and new patients makes a dental practice successful. Every new patient brings a fair revenue for a dentist. Beyond investing on advertisements, it is very essential to track them, to get a clear picture of the returns. The marketing efforts may go in vain, if they are left without tracking. Since most of the people book their first appointment through a phone call, it necessary to track them and analyze how many get converted to new patients. With our call tracking system, you can offer quality interaction to your patients. As you have all the data in hand, you can always optimize your marketing plan accordingly. You can also train your staffs on their performance.

You can contact us for a marketing consultation with our experts, who can elaborate you on the benefits of call tracking system. Enabling call tracking system will be a wise decision made, if you are looking to increase new patients to your dental office. Also, it helps you build your brand image and offer quality service to your patients.

Google My Business Calls

You can find Google maps of Dental offices listed in Google, when we search for "dentist near me" with call icon in mobile view. We can track, record and set email notification to the calls from Google (received calls, missed call, voice mail etc.) after the hanging up which helps to measure the ROI of the business.

google my buciness

Calls from Facebook Advertising.

Measuring ROI for individual advertising platform like Facebook will help you get a better understanding about the quality calls and leads.

facebook call

Calls from Google Ads:

When we search for dentists in mobile, call only ads helps the visitors to directly call the dental office instead of visiting the website and filling the form. As per the survey, the conversion rate of the call only ads are high when compared to leads.

google call

Calls from Yelp Business:

As per Yelp record, 92% of the visitors make an enquiry call after visiting Yelp. We track the calls that get generated from Yelp advertising to measure the ROI.

yelp call

Calls from the Website.

Call tracking enables to see the effectiveness of your website ads that lead to phone calls. It helps to measure ROI by identifying quality calls that gets generated from your site.



Per Month

2 local number

300 local minutes

50 Text Messages



Per Month

5 local number

1000 local minutes

500 Text Messages



Per Month

2 local number

2000 local minutes

500 Text Messages

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