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Mobile Marketing for Dental Practice

Mobile marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy used to target the mobile users through Ads in Website, E-mail, Social media, Search engines, etc., Mobile marketing can give huge success to business like Dental practices, by reaching the potential patients through their mobile. A recent study shows that 63% of mobile users use their phone to access internet.

mobile marketing for dentist

dental mobile marketing

They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process

"We really enjoy working with SocialHi5. They have helped us a reach a lot more people on Facebook and Social media. I am very thankful and I also really appreciate the fact that they have always taken our feedback very well. They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process and also that makes us feel more comfortable with the marketing as well. Thank you SocialHi5!

Dr. Ruchi Sahota

We at DentalHi5, have team of experts who specialize in Mobile marketing exclusively for dental practices. We know what works the best in Mobile marketing for dental practices. People use their smart phones to search for suitable dental services. We connect them through Ads in varied platforms like Google, Facebook, Website, etc., Patients opt to call the dental offices directly, in order to select the best. Click to call is one of the best method for Mobile marketing, where the user will be directly connected to your dental office through a phone call. The Ad will carry your phone number to facilitate the interested users to connect you.

Most of the smartphone users never miss to use their Facebook account. There are billions of Facebook users and it is easy to attract potential patients through right Facebook Ads. We post Ads in Facebook targeting the right group who will be interested in your services. We also post Google Ads to reach those patients who are searching for dental services in Google. We reach the mobile internet users through various platforms with attractive Ads that rightly serves their need. With highly analyzed mobile marketing, your conversion rates also fairly increases.

It is the right time for you to start Mobile marketing for your dental practice. It also helps you stay updated among your competitors. If you are interested in Mobile marketing, our marketing experts can help you with more details. We have a team who are specialists in Mobile marketing and can help you in creating campaigns specially targeted for mobile users. Visit us or Call us to know the exclusive benefits about Mobile Marketing that will help your dental practice reach new level by acquiring new patients.

What is click-to-call?

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk, click-to-chat, and click-to-text, is a form of web-based communication in which a person clicks an ad (such as a button, image, or text) to request an immediate connection with another person in real time either by phone or in person.

In other words, click-to-call marketing means that we're able to display a clickable phone number advertisement to prospects with a phone in hand. Now more then ever, patients are searching for dental services on their smart phones, so it's important that your practice is the number they click to call.

mobile marketing for dentist
dental mobile marketing

Mobile marketing for dental offices

Dental offices are unique compared to other businesses. They are brick-and-mortar by definition, but they're also classified as a service-based business, which is why mobile marketing is so successful for dental offices. Patients call multiple dental offices before they select a service provider, but comparisons are limited by geographic location. So as long as your mobile marketing is more prominent than other dental offices within your radius, you'll win the business.

We find more than 77 percent of our dental office conversions are performed on a mobile device, which is why our team creates campaigns targeted only to smartphones.

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