Retargeting for Dentists

Welcome to SocialHi5 - leading Retargeting company in California focusing on Retargeting ads to drive more leads. What is meant by retargeting ads and how it works? Imagine, how good it would be, if every single person who comes in contact with your business follows a very straight and orderly path to purchase your product or service.

What is the Google Display Network Ad? Google Display Ads run at the top or side of the page on millions of websites such as YouTube, Blogger, Google Search, and more. Whether you love or hate big data, it is always working behind the scenes.

Google wants to make every user's experience top notch. Their web spiders track everything we do, and this allows them to display ads that are relevant to our needs and desires and enhance their user's experience.

They just do it for me. And I have started a new practice, where SocialHi5 built a new website for us and they are doing SEO in Google for us. It's just been a year I started the new office and I have become so busy. If you are looking for digital marketing, I would highly recommend Socialhi5.

Our new patients have gone up tremendously and am booked for two months in advance.

" We have been in practice for 10 years now, which I started in 2007. About a year and a half ago, I contacted SocialHi5 and they had marketing platforms on Google, Facebook and they also do digital re-marketing. They also provide a dashboard where we could track our calls and web leads. In the last six months, our new patients have gone up tremendously and am booked for two months in advance. I would highly recommend SocialHi5. Thank you!

Dr. Deepak Shetty

How it Works?

Retargeting works by displaying specific ads to targeted users. Retargeting users are collected in many different ways especially by identifying previous visitors to your website. This is done by adding "cookies" to the visitor's browser by placing a pixel or code snippet in your website code. Ad impressions from retargeting are usually delivered using Google Display Network and social media ad platform like Facebook.

Is Retargeting Really Effective?

Yes! Absolutely! Retargeting is the most powerful tactic used for reaching highly targeted customers who already have an interest in your product or service. Moreover, it is one of the most successful and cost-effective approach. As a renowned retargeting company, we at SocialHi5 have found that the cost-per-click for retargeting campaigns to be relatively lower than many other ad-targeting methods, which in turn lowers the conversion costs and increases return on investment.

What Sets Us Apart from Others?

While many online advertising agencies focus only on brand awareness like how many impressions your retargeting ads receive, we at SocialHi5 are driven by results that impact your business. We will segment the retargeting users, develop Ad creative's specific to those users and then test that ad creative's to get maximize conversion.

We mainly focus on platforms like, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and DoubleClick

Sample Retargeting Ads

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