How DentalHi5 Improves Your Online Reputation

Our goal is to monitor and improve your digital reputation. One way we do this is through our New Patient Survey. When you add a new patient as a subscriber to your site, we send them a simple survey on your behalf.

Our software identifies your most delighted patients, and encourages them to share their experiences on public review sites. This slight nudge helps promote a consistent stream of DentalHi5 reviews. You'll also get a regular Reputation Report that shows all of your online feedback, highlighting any new reviews you obtained in the previous month.

The game plan for maintaining your online reputation is simple: actively add and manage your reviews - both positive and negative. This means acknowledging any positive feedback and countering negative feedback with a nurturing response.

Managing your online reputation is important to build trust in prospective patients and protect the integrity of your practice

They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process

"We really enjoy working with SocialHi5. They have helped us a reach a lot more people on Facebook and Social media. I am very thankful and I also really appreciate the fact that they have always taken our feedback very well. They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process and also that makes us feel more comfortable with the marketing as well. Thank you SocialHi5!

Dr. Ruchi Sahota

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